Upcoming Exhibition – January 31, 2013

Textures, Tones & Timbres: Art of Chong Fahcheong

bark studies_crop detail

A new and extremely comprehensive exhibition to kick off the new year will be held on January 31, 2013 at NUS Museum in Singapore’s premier post-secondary institution, the National University of Singapore. For those who didn’t know, that’s also the artist’s alma mater!

Newly completed large scale works will be on display, as well as reproductions of archival photos and sketches, maquettes and sculpture studies, and explanatory text exploring the artist’s continuing fascination with the raw material, the inspiration and wonder they impart, and the artistic process of unlocking their potential.

The exhibition will have a good run till the end of April 2013, so we encourage one and all to come on by, explore the exhibition, enjoy the beautiful campus grounds and take in Fahcheong’s other commissioned sculptures, installed primarily around and in the NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House.

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Textures, Tones & Timbres: Press Release