Artist’s statement

Chong Fahcheong – Artist’s statement

My involvement in creative work pursuits, in particular, sculpture, is a state of mind. It is a consciousness, an acute awareness of my existence, made up of limitless variables and possibilities. It is a life process where “givens” are challenged, nature re-evaluated and life re-created.
As a sculptor, I see myself as the most independent individual in my environment, able to comment about any phenomena through what I depict, through allegory, metaphor, material, form and shape.
I do not need to be party to anyone or anything, nor to conventional structures or institutions.
I strive in my sculptures “to be”, realizing the “aim” of being myself, my longings, anxieties, joys and doubts, away from conditions, learned responses, habits or addictions.
I choose not so much to reflect life’s experiences as attempt to re-state them through a keener expression of my sensibilities and personal creation.

Recent Posts

New workshop — come visit!

These last few weeks have been somewhat gruelling, focused as I have been on getting my sculptures out of the Emily Hill studio and into new digs at Tampines. Perhaps I should have taken up painting! Moving several tons of wood, stone and bronze could not have been done without much help from friends, especially Leslie, B and Eric and the workers, thanks to all. It hasn’t just been a physical challenge. Learning the intricacies of bidding for and renting a JTC unit has been even more challenging! The water is connected, soon the electricity. Shelves and partitions are going up. I invite you all to come to #02-144, Blk 9003, Tampines St. 93, to see the sculptures in their new home. Please call me before you come (9037-8351) to ensure that I am there.

Sculptures in the garden at Emily Hill, waiting to go to their new home.
Deep breath! Even the coolies of Another Day have more room here at Tampines.
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