Art and mental health

Art as therapy is a well-established fact and has been an important tool for health professionals and anyone invested in the well being of others and themselves. This episode of Art in 90 Seconds by the National Gallery of Singapore features my sculpture, Family and One. In this clip, Ezekiel, an intern with the Singapore Association of Mental Health, talks about how the sculpture, which is on display at the gallery, expressed all that he was feeling with regard to his battle with mental illness and the importance of support from family and friends, and the idea of balance. Thank you, Ezekiel, for taking the time to express what this sculpture has meant to you and sharing how it has helped you to resolve your difficulties in life. I am so pleased that my art has been so meaningful to you. Art is not just “art for art’s sake” but a very important tool in mental health therapy.

Ezekiel with Family and One, reflecting upon ideas of balance in life, importance of support.

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