Back in Singapore

October sees fahcheong back in Singapore and working on putting the finishing touches on pieces for his upcoming exhibition!  “Passages” is a long-awaited solo exhibition after a hiatus of over a decade, and will feature many new and powerful works as well as older works from the artist’s personal collection.

We’re all excited over the rather unconventional venue – fahcheong’s work studio, complete with wood chips on the floor and works in progress – and looking forward to the many varied reactions that we’re sure to receive.  The exhibition will be open to the public from November 18 – 26, 2011 at Emily Hill.

Works in wood, bronze and stone will be presented, revealing fahcheong’s personal development of ideas, and the maturation of both his concepts and his methodology.

Stay tuned for further details and the official invite!

4 thoughts on “Back in Singapore

  1. Dear Fahcheong,

    It was nice meeting you again yesterday at Art2.
    I was at Emily Hill between 10 and 11am this morning to bring you a copy of my catalogue but we didn’t meet unfortunately.
    I would like to drop by some other time though when you’re in.

    When would be convenient?


  2. Dear Gonneke, Glad I saw your message. Fahcheong doesn’t look at his website much. 😉 It is being maintained by me and Kim-Ee and Chris. I shall give him your message. YOu can call him at 9037 8351 or 6584 5488. — Anne. p.s. there is a National Library event involving one of his sculptures. It is the opening of the garden in the basement of the library in Victoria St. On Sat, 3 p.m. Would be lovely if you went by. There is a little tea reception and a small flute performance.

  3. Dear Fahcheong
    We met today (15th April 2012) at the National Library opening ceremony of the Bamboo Garden. Just a short note to thank you for the nice words you wrote on your tiny booklet titled “Passages” and it is my pleasure to meet you, or better still to know you. I am fascinated by your creations and would love to see one of your projects being launched in Ceylon in the near future. Please do let me know your plans to visit my country. I wish to introduce you to the tasty and juicy SriLanka crabs, lobsters, prawns and not forgetting the Ceylon Tea – our gift to the world!.
    You are a gift to Singapore. Wish you good health..
    Best Regards / Niz Thaha

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